Confidentiality Disclaimer

As an employee of Kovacs Group Ltd (the Company) you must, at all times, be aware of the confidentiality of information gained during the course of your duties, which in many cases includes access to highly confidential information relating to clients, pay rates, Company financials and personnel/service provider details.  The Company expects that you understand the importance of treating all such information in a discreet and confidential manner. As such your attention is drawn to the following:

  1. All documentary or other material containing confidential information must be kept securely at all times when not in use and must be returned to the Company at the time of termination of your Services Contract, or at any other time upon demand.
  2. Information regarding the Company and its clients must not be disclosed to any unauthorised party or individual either orally, or in writing, either physically or via electronic communications.  It is particularly important that employees should ensure the authenticity of telephone enquiries and communications.
  3. Conversations relating to confidential matters affecting the Company, employees and clients should not take place in situations where they can be overheard (i.e. in corridors, reception areas, lifts, etc.)
  4. Any information or data that belongs to the Company must not be disclosed or shared on any electronic media or non-electronic media or social media, unless it is in the normal course of your work duties.
  5. Any breach of confidentiality by any party engaged in a series contract with the Company may be regarded as breach of contract and be subject to legal remedy or action.

The importance of confidentiality cannot be overemphasised and it is important that it be borne in mind at all times.

For the purposes of clarity, you shall not at any time, before or after the termination of your Contract, disclose such information to any person without prior written consent from a Director of the Company.

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